Discover the secrets of the Gra’it Alchemy

Gra’it is a lot more than a top quality Italian grappa. It is a perfect blend, a challenge, for wine and spirits lovers, experts, and Mixologists. Gra’it is a whole new world that unveils with its symbols and words, each carrying a specific meaning in the Gra’it alchemy. Step in this new world and learn the Gra’it code.


Improve material substances in order to elevate your spirit

The word Alchemy comes from the Arab word al-kimiyya o al-khimiyya that means “chemistry” and appears to be connected to the Greek ‘khymeia’, ‘to melt’ or ‘blend together’. However, Alchemy isn’t just the mother of chemistry, but a philosophical/esoteric tradition, that developed over more than 2000 years,(especially in Greece, Rome, India and Egypt) with a strong influence in the fields of medicine, astrology, art and metallurgy. This philosophical tradition aimed to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects (especially base metals) because it strongly believed that despite the results, the process would lead to the perfection of the human body and soul.

Knowledge leads to excellence
Alchemy is the four-millennia-old, magical tradition of transmuting a base substance into gold through three steps: fermentation, distillation and sublimation. The same used to achieve the Alchemical ‘Great work’. The Bonollo family, like every alchemist, have developed their very own distillation process: the S.U.B. (Sistema Unico Bonollo) by uniting 170 years of tradition and experience to state of the art technology. Gra’it was born from a skillful combination of the same raw material, grape pomace. Gra’it has accurately chosen the 7 best varieties of grape pomace to produce the 7 best grappe that are ultimately united into one perfect blend. The Key, used in Alchemy to symbolize the spirit, or necessary knowledge, to create the ‘Great work’, stands for Gra’it’s top-quality production process.
Knowledge leads to excellence and excellence leads to pleasure
This alchemical process has to do with every aspect of life: anyone can become an alchemist of life. An Alchemy of life is built over time: every generation somehow improves an aspect of life and if the next generation welcomes this innovation then the innovation itself becomes a ‘tradition’. Progressively, traditions blend together and become a ‘way of life’. Thanks to many alchemists of life, generation after generation, Italians have developed a unique ‘way of life’ that is able to appreciate the simple things and enjoy life the fullest. In Alchemy, the rose symbolizes the soul, pleasure, and what connects us to life.
Innovating the millennial grappa tradition requires courage
In Alchemy, the lion represents the courage necessary for the ‘Great work’. The Lion of Venice represents Gra’it’s homeland, the Veneto region, and Gra’it’s strength in innovating the grappa tradition.Traditions, are nothing more than successful innovations consolidated over time. This is why the maxim that surrounds the winged lion, “Spiritus Familiae Virtus” (the courage lies within the family spirit), refers to the origin of such courage: the innovative soul embedded in the Bonollo family.