• Pronounced 'Great'
  • The Most Original Cocktail Ingredient
  • Grappa Distillation: Evolved!
  • Seven Grapes In One Perfect Blend
  • The Courage To Innovate Tradition
  • Italian Alchemy: Where Knowledge Meets Pleasure
  • Grape Skins (Pomace): A Precious Raw Material



“Seven grapes in one original blend”

The number 7

7: The perfect number.. Italy is known to be the country with the highest variety of grapes in the world: 7 of which produce the best Italian wine. Gra’it has accurately chosen the 7 best varieties to produce the 7 best grappe that are ultimately united into one perfect blend:
Brunello (Sangiovese), Barolo (Nebbiolo), Moscato d’Asti, Amarone (Corvina), Prosecco (Glera), AglianicoNero D’Avola.

Solve et Coagula

It is a fundamental alchemical formula that refers to the act of separating something imperfect in order to rebuild it, or piece it together, in a superior way.

5 steps to Gra’it Grappa

step 1: the extraction of the phlegm – all the volatile substances (including alcohol) are gently extracted from the grape pomace to obtain the phlegm.
step 2: the phlegm distillation – the master distiller separates the “hearts” of the phlegm, richest in flavors and aromas, from its “tails and heads” (heavy oily substances).
step 3: the second distillation –the “hearts” of the grappa are further rectified by a second distillation in continuous stills.
step 4: filtering or “sublimation” – this step can be considered the core part of the rectification. we elevate our grappa to a truly fine spirit with a specially designed, and proprietary filtering or sublimation process.
step 5: aging – our alchemical process ends with a 12-month aging period in slovenian oak casks, which grants gra’it the “invecchiata” denomination.


Authentic Italian Grappa. According to EU legislation, the term “Grappa” can only be used if the grapes were harvested in Italy, if they have been pressed for winemaking in Italy, and if distillation occurs in Italy by the “metodo di distillazione con vapore diretto” (e.g. direct steaming pot method).


The Gra’it shape. Our bottle: an 1856 original alchemical mold. The exclusive bottle that holds the Gra’it alchemy was created using an antique mold that was probably made by Venetian alchemists and perfumers. Venezia and the Veneto region have been key players in international alchemy: the very first alchemical text books, originally from the east, are held in Venetian libraries, and alchemical practices in Venetian shops led to the development of several arts such as glass-blowing and perfumery. This is the reason why we wanted Gra’it to have a special bottle, to bring us back to a great Venetian alchemical tradition.



The Bonollo Alchemical workshop

Alchemy isn’t just a philosophy, but a concrete practice that inspired the development of new production techniques in many fields. New and exciting products were made in alchemical workshops, thanks to the hard work of passionate alchemists.
Gra’it was born from a traditional Venetian family, the Bonollo family, with four generations and 170 years experience in the production of high quality grappa in the famous Italian grappa region, Veneto. Distillerie Bonollo Umberto have also developed and patented their very own distillation process: the S.U.B. (Sistema Unico Bonollo). This method presides over the entire production: from the harvest to the warehousing, the distillation, the aging, the packaging and the promotion of the by-products, while always respecting the environment.